Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Hockey Wine Bowl

Like many other folks, last Sunday afternoon the boys and I went to a Super Bowl party. Two parties, actually. I had planned to go skiing since I’m such a big football fan, but the suckiness of the prior two days caused me to cancel out of that trip.  As it turned out, if I had to watch football instead of ski, this was the game to see. The underdog New Orleans Saints came from behind in the second half for quite an exciting win.

My friend, Tracy, threw a party at her house and we stopped by there first.  Then we headed back to Dave’s Home where a neighbor threw another party. While the adults drank, talked and watched the game on TV, the kids mostly stayed outside. When I checked on them during the second party, the older kids (seven and up) were playing street hockey instead of football. Any chance to play makes them happy. Makes me happy, too!

Meanwhile, inside the house the younger kids were having a lot of fun, also. Typical five-year-old stuff. You know, boys wrestling each other. Boys wrestling a girl. The girl pinning the boys. The girl’s parents cheering her on. Typical stuff.

Back in the adult party world, there were at least two different football betting pools going on. There were probably more, but I’m not into gambling and so didn’t pay close attention. Except that one of the pools was for wine rather than money. Contribute one bottle and you get six squares. Contribute two bottles and you get twelve squares.  Twelve squares!  Each square an opportunity to win lots more wine than you contributed, depending on the score of the game at the end of each quarter. I went all in with two bottles.

Like I said, I don’t gamble very much and rarely win when I do – which is why I don’t.  Guess who won the fourth quarter wine pool?