Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baseball Team Meetings

Yesterday and today we went to Little League baseball team meetings. Last night was for K’s team. He’s on the Farm Division Giants. And tonight was for H’s team, the AAA Division (or Minor A) Yankees.  All right, both coasts are covered.

We met the team managers, and the coaches that had already volunteered, and met most of the kids and their parents. Getting parents to volunteer was a big part of these meetings. Each team needs a bevy helpers, including backup coaches, umpires, scorekeepers, a safety parent, and a team reporter, as well as folks to cover snack shack and fund raising duties.

Back when P was in middle school he played Little League baseball, too, and I volunteered to umpire. After three years behind the plate, I decided to volunteer for something else this time around. I signed up for scorekeeper and team reporter. The team reporter writes a short article about each game and submits it via computer to the local newspaper. I can do that, I think.

One of my biggest concerns when signing the boys up for baseball was how I’d get them to all their games and practices. At these meetings I found out their practice schedule, at least for the first month or two, and it seems doable. H’s team practices twice a week; Saturday morning and Tuesday evening at 6pm. K’s team also practices twice a week, except his weeknight is Wednesday, which unfortunately conflicts with almighty therapy. His team manager was cool with K coming one day a week rather than two, though, thinking that the practice schedule would likely change anyway once games start in March.

Both team meetings were held at pizza restaurants. After two straight days of it the boys and I are totally pizza’d out.

Little K says he doesn’t even want to see another pizza – for at least a couple of days. Hey, it’s pizza, a kid’s favorite food!