Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Moving the Litter Box…Finally

Ever since we adopted the kittens, Mac & Cheesy, their litter box has been in my bedroom. It got there because the kittens were confined to my bedroom at first to help them get accustomed to the smells and sounds of their new home. However, when the kittens were freed to roam and ravage the entire house, I couldn’t think of a suitable place to move their poop box. It needed to be a place they could always access, and yet a place that was as inconspicuous as possible as well, to hide both sight and smell.

My indecision led to the box staying put in my bedroom, and to goodness knows how many hours of lost sleep. You see, Mac & Cheesy like to hang around the potty at night and use it every couple of hours. They’re not quiet about it, either. I mentioned in a past post how they fling so much litter that I had to buy an enclosed box to contain it.

So, one good thing that happened over the weekend is that we finally moved the kitty litter box into a cabinet on the lower most level of the house – far, far away from me and my bed. I also installed a bathroom ventilation fan in the cabinet and connected it to the home automation system. Now, when the cats do their business, a motion sensor automatically turns on the ventilation fan for a few minutes, sucking the smell out of the house. The fan is super quiet, too. I picked it out from Home Depot’s bathroom fan lineup based mostly on its sound rating.

So far the whole setup has been working well, and the kittens have adjusted to their toilet’s new location without a hiccup -- or any other improperly placed excretion. The only improvement I really want to make is to replace the existing cabinet doors with something that has a hole in it so the doors can remain closed except during cleaning. Right now I have to keep one of the cabinet doors open so that the cats can get in.