Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Early Spring Luffing

There’s still more than a month before the vernal equinox, but around Dave’s home it looks like Spring has already sprung. After weeks of nothing but cold, clouds and rain, last weekend was clear and warm. Thankfully it was also a three-day weekend. The kids and I had Monday off from school and work for President’s Day.

H had his first baseball practice early Saturday – at 8am, a bit too early on a weekend for me. I prefer to sleep in. Instead, we had to get up as though it was a school day, and in the rush I forgot my camera. This photo was taken with my cell phone, which I poked through the fence for an unobstructed picture. Sorry about the angle.

Being so nice out, we spent much of the weekend outdoors. H & K found a lot more other kids around to play with, probably because everyone was so sick of being couped up indoors.  While the kids played, I pressure washed a few years of dirt and mold off the front steps of the house, and gave the car a thorough wash, inside and out.

We also explored and had a picnic dinner in a nearby park. We had such a good time that we lost track of it (time, that is) and dusk fell before we made it back to the car.  H said it was kind of spooky.

A carved stump
in the park

Lots of water thanks
to the recent rains

Something fowl in the water

This little taste of good weather makes me yearn for Spring.

By the way, I’ve decided to continue writing about the kids, but not on a daily basis like I was before – at least not for a while. Events this last month have kind of taken the wind out of my blogging sail, so for now I’m going to luff it and hope to find inspiration again.

Sliver moon hanging
over the spooky park