Saturday, February 20, 2010

Field Maintenance

On Wednesday we had another two hour double dose of therapy. Unfortunately this conflicted with K’s baseball practice, as his team chose Wednesdays for their weekday practice. When I signed the kids up for Little League I knew there was a good chance that one kid’s schedule or the other would conflict, but I rolled the dice anyway. Little K will have to make do with just one practice a week.

Thursday we were invited to Tracy’s house for a wonderful dinner of chicken parmesan and pasta. It was a welcome mid-week break from our normal evening routine.

Today was baseball practice for H (again at eight o'clock in the AM) and field maintenance for K’s team. H’s team plays on a different set of fields than K’s team, and the fields are a little over a mile from each other, as the crow flies. Next Saturday will be maintenance day for H’s fields.

The field had seen better days.

The fields that K’s team plays on are showing their age. The league was formed about 55 years ago! One of the infields needed a total makeover. Most of the volunteers worked on removing dead grass, leveling the ground, and spreading fresh clay.

Somehow I was recruited to repair the rotting walls of the combination equipment room and scorekeepers booth. I don’t mind that kind of work, though. I just hope they didn’t expect a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

The two-story scorekeepers booth.
Lots of rotten wood under the pealing
paint of that facing wall.

During our lunch break, we picked up the boys’ eight-year-old cousin for a play date. While I helped to finish repairing the walls, the three kids chased each other around the empty fields. All of us were pretty worn out by the time we got home.

The boys, their cousin, and a neighbor
friend playing video games after a long
day of baseball and field maintenance..