Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Fly a Kite

Today I will recount the goings on at Dave's Home backwards, from evening to morning. We just finished dinner, which was sweet and sour chicken made by Dave himself – with help from a Kikkoman sauce mix. I thought it came out pretty good, but the kids ate just meager portions, and that only after I threatened to withhold dessert. Heaven forbid!

I’ve been trying to expand the kid's culinary horizons. You know, to something beyond pizza and Kraft macaroni and cheese. (They really like much more than that. They also like burritos and Coco Puffs!)

In the afternoon we cleaned out the garage a bit and went through our snow gear in preparation for next weekend’s trip to Bear Valley. Then, while I was applying Scotch Guard to some snow pants and jackets, H flew a new box style kite he got for Christmas. He's been waiting for a day with the proper wind. Little K helped, and got to fly it once, too.

Everyone slept through the night and woke up late, which is how I like to start my Sundays. K seems to be completely over whatever he had – probably a virus. I’m just about over my cold, too.

Yes, every day and in every way we’re getting better and better!