Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Day Late, But Finally Fever Free

Little K woke up this morning with an un-medicated normal temperature. Yeah! Unfortunately I had already postponed his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. He still had a fever last night when I made this decision. I believe that kids should be fever free for about 24 hours before being released on the general populace. Plus I wanted to give everyone reasonable notice of the cancellation.

I’ve been feeling under the weather myself for the past day or so. After breakfast it all caught up with me and I went down hard until late in the afternoon. The kids were left to entertain themselves, which they did well, for the most part. Both mostly worked on Lego sets that they got for Christmas.

Whatever got me down seemed to go away with some cold medicine and a good nap. In the evening I was really hungry, as I skipped lunch, and decided to cook a full dinner. We had Rice-a-Roni (the San Francisco treat), mixed vegetables with BĂ©arnaise sauce (I love this stuff – it’s like 50% butter) and chicken grilled indoors on the electric griddle/grill built-in to my stove top. I hardly ever use this grill feature, but it’s pretty neat.

We also made use of the fireplace because the sun never really came out to warm the house. While I was busy in the kitchen, K & H went nuts over the fire.

K going Zen in
front of the fire