Monday, January 11, 2010

Wrong Water Bowl

After an unusual Monday trip to the therapist for the kids, we stopped for dinner at the Back Forty Texas BBQ. Dave was way tired from an overwhelming return to work since being unexpectedly out of the office to care for an ill K last Thursday and Friday. I didn't want to cook and the bright neon sign looked inviting to the kids, so I splurged. The food was good and plentiful. I brought home a whole other meal of leftovers, and the kids liked the old west d├ęcor inside even more than the sign out front.

It’s great when a tough day ends on a high note!

Oh yeah, that wasn’t quite the end of the day. As we walked in the house we heard something in the bathroom. I switched on the light and saw Mackenzie the water cat balancing on the rim of the toilet and drinking from the bowl! I just bought her and her sister a Drinkwell Platinum filtered water fountain.  The Platinum edition, for goodness sakes. Why would she choose to drink out of a toilet rather than her Platinum fountain? Arggghhh.

After making sure all the toilet lids were down, I read a bit to the kids and they went to bed.  We've got something going on every evening this week and they need their sleep.  Tomorrow night everyone is getting a hair cut so we'll look dashing at K's party, and then the boys are signing up for Little League baseball.  Both kids wanted to try this sport over another round of YMCA basketball.  Good for them!  I just hope I can swing getting them to all the practices.