Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ask Dave Question #5

Lydia recently asked me, “Do you think you'd be interested in adopting your foster kids if they became legally free for adoption?”

The answer is yes, depending upon the child. There are two major factors involved in a decision like this. The first is whether the child wants to be adopted. I have found that older children do not want to be adopted. In fact I have provided long term care for two kids that chose not to be adopted, and so I became their legal guardian instead.

The second factor is whether I would want to be a forever father to the child. When I first became a foster parent I thought that I could love any kid. I have since found that this isn’t the case. Some kids are tough! So, I wouldn’t necessarily adopt a child just because his biological parents screwed up so much that their parental rights were terminated. (Technically, the court will only terminate parental rights after an adoptive family is found.)

Thanks once again for another good question.  I have a back-log of a few more, so if you have sent me a question keep checking back for an answer!