Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One of My Kids is Leaving!

Seven-year-old A will be leaving Dave’s Home at the end of the week. After the court decided not to return him to his parents for at least another six months, social services began looking for a caregiver that could keep him for a longer term if necessary, and cater to his special needs. These needs were not known when A was placed with me, but have been carefully documented now.

Moving a child from one foster home to another is generally not a good thing, but occasionally it is a necessary thing. In this case I support the decision of social services, and am hopeful that this move will ultimately benefit little A.

This evening, after conferring with his therapist, I explained to A what was going to happen and that it was a good and exciting thing. I also told him that this was not his fault, and that his parents just need more time to do what they have to do to get him back. He was scared and a little teary eyed at first, but he got over it when we went to Mary’s Pizza Shack for another school fundraiser.