Monday, November 16, 2009

Lines in Hills Kid Question

We received many responses from readers explaining what they thought the horizontal lines circling many of the rolling hills around Dave’s Home are.

One reader believes these are ridges created by mother nature to keep the ground from eroding when it rains. Another says these lines may have been created way back when this part of the earth was under an ocean, or perhaps by retreating glaciers. Still another thinks these lines are created by tractors as they till under the weeds every year.

Most responding readers, however, thought that these lines are created by animals, probably cows, as they graze the hillsides. Apparently cows like to follow one another and wear a path into the hills. I find this the most plausible explanation, too. However, I can’t get over how well spaced these paths are.

Thanks again, everyone, for offering your “two cents” on this question from the kids!