Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Single Foster Parent

I am a single foster parent – there is no wife or significant other at home. This actually isn’t unusual. I have met many foster parents who are single. Not very many are men, however.

A reader asked, "Do you work outside the home?"  I am also often asked where the kids go when they are not in school. The answer is yes, I work full time in an office. When I’m at work and the kids are not in school, I arrange for them to go to a day care program, or sometimes to a sports or other enrichment program. I am fortunate that my employer has allowed me the flexibility in my office hours to accommodate this. For example, I feel it is important to take the kids to school, especially the teenagers. They don’t go to a morning day care, and I don’t let them take themselves to school. This way I’m certain they get there and get there on time. However, this usually results in my getting to the office about half an hour later than I should. I also have to leave the office about half an hour early to assure that I can pick up the kids before the day care program closes. (That’s OK, though, because I don’t like to be late twice in the same day!) But seriously, to make up for this hour, I work from home after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I have to work a bit on weekends, too.

I must also note that I could not be a foster parent without the tremendous support I get from my friends, family, neighbors, teachers, day care providers, social workers, and on and on. Soon I will devote an entire post to my support team.