Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lawyer, Therapy and Hiding Homework

Yesterday I met with an attorney about dissolving my legal guardianship of P. I’ve been concerned that his behavior of late poses a serious liability risk to me, and I’ve got absolutely no control over him. In the past week two different social worker supervisors have warned me about this, and recommended that I consult an attorney. I hate doing this, but what choice do I have?  I told P that I was worried about this before his latest bounce in and out of the house, and I spoke to him again about it this morning. It has no influence on him.

Yesterday was also double therapy day for H & K. To keep the boys from bickering with each other, which they so love to do, they now take turns going first. While one kid is in with the therapist, I help the other with homework in the waiting room.

When it was little K’s turn to do homework, I discovered that he’s been hiding worksheet pages from me! If the teacher gives him two pages, he sometimes brings just one to the table, claiming that it’s his only homework. He got caught because back in class he turns in both pages -- one of them blank.

Little dickens!

So with all of this we didn’t get home yesterday until after 8pm. In a blink it was after 9pm, past bedtime and the boys were still awake. Wednesdays are tough.

Today was easier, though. As I write this the boys are upstairs sawing logs, the cats are wrestling outside my office door, and I'm watching the Groundhog Day movie in a DivX window on my computer. After posting about this movie on Tuesday, both my Dad and my brother Joe sent me online links to it. Thanks, guys!