Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sledding Before the Storm

Yesterday we all went skiing. I signed the kids up for another lesson, but we had over an hour before it started so Heidi and I took H & K up and down the bunny slopes. This first-hand experience with their skiing ability convinced us both that they need more lessons before venturing out with us on the steeper slopes.

Once the kids were safely with their ski instructors, Heidi and I got to ski together on the intermediate slopes. We’re both comfortable on slopes of this difficulty level.

We spent yesterday evening in the Bear Valley Lodge. While Heidi and I relaxed and had a nice dinner, the boys played with the other kids in the great lounge. This is one of the neat things about Bear Valley and the Lodge. All the families with young kids get together in the lounge after dark, playing games in front of the fire.

Today Heidi went skiing again, but the boys and I decided to go sledding and inner tubing. Bear has two nice hills in their cross-country area, across from where we’re staying. One hill is for inner tubes, and one is for sleds. There were a lot of families out there and the kids had a great time.  We left when the wind picked up and heavy snow started falling.

A big storm is blowing in and snow is expected through the night and most of tomorrow. I hope we won’t be snowed in!

(I still can’t post pictures because I don’t have a way of getting them off the camera and on to my old laptop computer. But I’m taking a ton, so stay tuned. I’ll add pictures to these posts when we get back home.)