Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bear Valley Snow Trip

We are in the California’s Sierra Mountains, playing in the snow with my friend Heidi. I’ve known Heidi since High School. Every year around this time she flies down from Seattle to ski with her old school buddies. Occasionally we all fly up to Washington State and ski in her neck of the woods, or even farther north at Whistler in Canada.

I didn’t have time to post to the blog yesterday. Our week has been so busy that we didn’t get packed for this trip until just before we left last night. Plus I had to set up food, water and litter for the kitties and fishies – actually just food for the fishies. Then, when we arrived at our condo in Bear, there was no internet connection. There is one at The Lodge, though, which is where I’m posting from now.

It’s time to go to dinner, now. More later. Hopefully photos, too, but they may have to wait until we’re back home. I let a colleague from work borrow my camera USB cable and forgot to get it back before we left. Now I don’t have a way of getting the pictures off my camera!