Saturday, January 23, 2010

Muddy Tryouts

Our week long storm cleared just long enough for H’s baseball tryouts to finish up this morning. (Then the clouds closed in and there was a tornado warning -- very rare for this part of the country.  I heard that several funnel clouds were spotted!)

As you can see, the fields were pretty soggy, but the kids didn’t seem to mind that much. The tryouts consisted of three tests. First was fielding ground balls from the shortstop position and throwing to first base. Second was fielding fly balls and throwing to second base. Third was batting and base running.

Can you see the ball in flight,
heading towards H with his glove
at the ready?

H did quite well with his ground balls and throwing. Of course I attribute his success (in part) to our practice a couple of days before. One of the parents in the stands even commented that he had a good arm!

Only a few of the kids fielded fly balls well. H wasn’t one of them, but he fit right in with this group. I should note that H had never really played baseball before.

A pop-up ready to fly.

Batting was the toughest. It was scary because of the pitching machine and the speed of the ball, and we didn’t get to practice at all. The coaches were terrific, though, showing H how to stand and swing. With a little more coaching and practice, I think H will do just fine.

Elbows up and bat back!
OK, maybe next time.

Bottom line: He walked off the field smiling, and that’s what’s most important!

Little K watching his brother.  He gets his turn on the field next weekend.