Thursday, January 21, 2010


About half an hour after waking up this morning the lights started flickering, and within a minute the whole house went dark. Of course I was in the bathroom finishing a shower at the time – probably the second worst place to be during a blackout. (On the potty is the first worst, in my book.)

Did I forget to pay the power bill?

Luckily the boys decided not to heed the first call of alarm clock Dave. I blindly hurried out of the shower, fumbling for a robe and expecting screams of terror from H & K from being left in the dark alone. Instead there were only mews from the kitties. Flashlight in hand, I found the boys still snug in their beds, blissfully unaware of what had just happened.

We were also lucky that dawn was just breaking. Within fifteen minutes there was enough light for us to eat breakfast. While we feasted on cold cereal I called the school to find out if they had power. Sure enough it was out there, too, but they said classes would still be held so I dropped off the kids like normal. (I’ve always liked that our phone lines operate on their own, separate power.)

When I got to the office I found out that power had been restored less than an hour after classes began. Just enough time to make the incident the talk of the day, and to make us reflect on how much we rely on electricity!