Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bear Photos

Here are the photos I promised!

Heidi and the boys.
The hat came with the condo.

Bus ride from Bear Village to
the base of the ski slopes.

Another equipment rental line.
This one went pretty quick, though!

The magic carpet ride.

Dave coaching H, with unknown
downed snowboard kid.

Apre ski snowball fight.

Fireworks on the slopes. Bear does
this every year on the Saturday night of
MLK's birthday weekend.

A local vehicle prepared for the big storm.

Living Lodge at the Bear Valley Lodge.

H & K met new friends. Here they are playing
a matching card game called "concentration".

Little K with the perfect snowball.

Innertubing. Weeeeee!

Dual sledding hills.  More weeeeeee!

Here are a few pics showing the uniqueness
of our rented condo.  The tree branch chandelier
and a multitude of on/off switches, for example.
We never figured out what half those switches did!

Very nice faucets in the bathrooms.
However, when air got in the water lines
(maybe when the mains were turned off and then back on)
the water shot straight out, hitting you or the wall
behind you, until the air was flushed out.
Startling when unexpected!

The boys posing beneath one of the
great bears of Bear Village.

The big storm arrives!

Sights during the drive home.