Thursday, December 3, 2009

Religion and Foster Parenting

With the Christmas holiday approaching, it seems apropos to talk a bit about religion and foster parenting. Religion is a touchy subject because so many people have such strong feelings about it. I find that no matter what you do someone will be unhappy. The logistics of it can get pretty complex, too, especially when caring for kids from different families. For these reasons Dave’s Home is neutral on religion. I neither discourage nor encourage religious practices, and I generally don’t overtly participate in any, either. If a child wants a bible then I provide one. If a child asks to attend a religious institution like a church or synagogue, and this is OK with the parents, then I make every effort to accommodate him.

This being said, I do participate in major celebrations like Easter and Christmas, but in a non-religious manner. For example, I’ve set up Easter egg hunts and given out baskets of goodies, and every year I put up a Christmas tree and holiday lights on the house, and of course give out presents. I think these celebrations are fun and I don’t want the kids to feel left out.  Heck, I don't want to feel left out!