Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Lights

This weekend we will be putting holiday lights up on the house. I love the way houses look all lit up. My preference is the clear icicle lights that dangle down.

A couple of years ago I had a handyman install little hooks under the eves of the house every couple of feet or so. I use a long extension pole to lift the strand onto each hook. This has made hanging the lights much easier. Before these hooks I used plastic clips of various types, but they often let go during the installation process, and when one fell the weight of the light strand would pull the rest of the clips off, too!

I have never tried stapling the light strands to the wooden eves, as this means climbing high up on a ladder and I’m not comfortable way up there. I’ve seen some of my neighbors on top of their roofs on their bellies, leaning over the side to staple the lights to the upper eves. Just the thought of that gives me the willies!