Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Preparing for Tracy’s Chardonnay Holiday Dinner

Our good friend Tracy regularly gets to together with a group called the “Chardonnay Lunch Bunch”. The group is composed mostly of former colleagues of Tracy’s that are now long time friends. Among other things, the group shares a common liking for Chardonnay wine, which is where the group gets its name.

This year its Tracy’s turn to host the holiday dinner, and she asked if it could be held at Dave’s Home. Of course we said YES!  The latest headcount for this event is twelve -- a perfect fit for our fancy long table.

The thing is, this Chardonnay Holiday Dinner is scheduled for this Friday – the day before we are to leave for Yosemite! This means the kids and I have to start preparing way in advance, a little each day. We started cleaning the bathrooms last night, and today the boys are helping me sweep floors, set up the table, and clean the family room. We really only have one more night to prepare because H is singing in a holiday concert at school tomorrow night. I will be sure to post pictures of him all dressed up on stage with his classmates.

While we were cleaning, one of our neighbors delivered this
wonderful plate of homemade cookies.  Yummmm!