Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Hello and Happy Christmas again, everyone! This morning both kids woke up before I did, and of course badgered me out of bed far before I otherwise would have. Santa left them goodies in their stockings – a miraculous second trip to Dave’s Home for the great bearded one. The goodies included new electric tooth brushes. How did he know that was exactly what the kids needed?!

In the afternoon my Mom and my good friend Tracy and her two kids came over for Christmas dinner. Tracy’s family increased in size by one over the holidays with the addition of a cute little dog named Jazz. We took him for a walk around the neighborhood to do his doggy business before dinner, and then he had a little nap. Such a mellow dog Jazz is!

Tracy brought a wonderful rib roast – basically a small prime rib – which we broiled to a lovely medium rare and served with brandied yams, a baked bean casserole, and salad. A bit later this evening we’ll all exchange gifts for a third round of unwrapping at Dave’s Home. H & K have already told me that they have never had a Christmas like this before, with so many parties and gifts.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for our plans are to visit the local Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) and hopefully pick out a new kitten or two! Playing with little Jazz made me feel all the more sure that it’s time for a new pet.