Friday, November 27, 2009

Planet 51

We did go down to feed the goats. We brought carrots, celery and olives. They were excited to see us, but as usual did not eat anything we had. Instead they started munching on their pile of hay. Unfortunately Dave forgot his camera, so we have no photos to post.

We walked back to the house the long way, passing the neighborhood park, and played a few rounds of “Sardine”. This is a version of hide and seek that one of K & H’s sisters taught us. Instead of one person counting and everyone else hiding, Sardine starts out with just one person hiding and everyone else counting. Then everyone splits up and tries to find the one person who’s hiding. If you find them, you have to try to hide in the same place they are hiding. Eventually all but one are squished together hiding in the same place – like sardines – and the last person to find everyone is “it” the next round.

When we got home the kids took Dave’s camera and snapped a few candid photos, and then the foster parent for two of the sisters came to pick them up. They were sad to go, which I reminded them meant that they had a good time, but now they had to go shopping for winter coats. Hope they have an easier time finding coats than we had finding the boy’s sweaters!

To finish off the day we took the remaining sister to the movies, where we saw Planet 51. The concession stand was selling souvenir soda cups for just 25 cents more, so we all got one. They were so huge, though! I promised the kids that this was it for them and soda for the rest of the weekend.

The kids liked the movie. I’d rate it a so-so animated kid movie, but I was tired and snoozed through bits of it. On the way out the kids posed in front of a huge poster of the upcoming Chipmunks movie.

Finally it was time to drop off the last of K & H’s sisters, and then head home. Thankgiving 2009 and the sibling sleepover are history!