Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is Tioga-George’s birthday. As most of you know, he is my father. Happy birthday, Dad!

Back at Dave’s Home, the kids awoke from their sleepover and started wrestling, yelling and running into my bedroom waking me up. I didn’t plan on making breakfast after yesterday’s big meal, but somehow the kids and I were hungry so, as Donkey from Shrek said, “I’m cooking waffles!”

I’ve had this Belgian waffle maker for years. With the proper batter mix, it makes pretty good waffles. I mostly use Krusteaz waffle mix. Like my father, I think waffle and pancake mixes that include fresh eggs come out better.

After breakfast the kids played a few rounds of Guitar Hero and Perfection. I think we’ll all go feed the goats a little later, and then maybe go to a theatre and see one of the movies that recently came out.