Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ongoing Training

Foster parents (or resource parents, as my county now calls them) are required to attend a minimum number of hours of parental training classes annually. Sometimes this is difficult when you have a houseful of kids. Today, however, I have choreographed the afternoon and evening to fit in a two hour class on parenting techniques called, “1, 2, 3, Magic.” The claim is that this class “will show you easy steps for disciplining children without arguing, yelling or spanking, and how to manage troublesome behavior more effectively, and how your silence can speak louder than your words.”   So after this class raising kids will be a breeze, right?

Today there is also a school IEP meeting for H, a therapy session for A, and this is the last day I’m watching after my friend Tracy’s kids, so all their stuff has to be returned to their home. Even so, if my plan works out, everything should get done. I love these organizational challenges!