Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad Leaving and Dinner

Today my Dad begins his journey back to Mexico and his roving home, Ms. Tioga.  Below is a photo of him meeting me at the BART station in my car with his bags.  He plans to take the train into Oakland and stay overnight at a hotel nearer to the airport because his flight leaves so early in the morning.

So long, Dad!  It was a great visit!  We will miss you, but will follow your every movement on your blog.

After saying goodbye to my Dad, I followed my usual weekday routine.  Having foster kids means a lot of routine, both by necessity and because it's calming for the kids.  Often times their prior lives have been unsettled.  First I pick up the kids at their after school program, then we run our errands.  Today, for example, we had to pick up K's bicycle at the bike shop.  His rear tire was being repaired.  Then it's home for dinner, homework, and bed!

Below is a photo of the kids about to chow down on dinner.  The menu tonight was BBQ beef and chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad and bread.  H and K like the macaroni best, while A seems to prefer the meat.