Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ending With a Tantrum

A long day wound down with a long tantrum in the therapist’s waiting room this evening. Immediately afterward the tantrumer fell asleep on the floor. Do you think maybe he was over tired?

Sleep Therapy

Seriously, it’s been an unusually busy week for us. We’ve had multiple things to do every evening and the kids have been getting to bed later than normal. To top that off, little K is still recovering from his illness.

Unfortunately our busy-ness isn’t going to let up until the weekend. Tomorrow evening is K’s 7th birthday party, and Friday afternoon we’re driving up to the snow with my friend Heidi. At least these remaining busy-nesses will be fun. Plus the kids can catch up on their sleep during the drive up to the mountains.

Like everything else, this too shall pass.

On a more somber note, my heart goes out to all those in Haiti suffering as a result of the recent catastrophic earthquake that occurred there. The San Andreas fault that runs close to Dave’s Home has very similar characteristics to the fault that ruptured in Haiti. This quake, combined with another very recent tremor near Humboldt in Northern California, have encouraged me to re-examine my house and its furnishings for earthquake safety.