Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week of Storms

It’s been a week of storms, around Dave’s Home, across the country and around the world. I’m not just talking about the weather, either.

An earthquake of magnitude 8.8 struck Chile early this morning. The ground shook for over a minute, and was felt thousands of miles away.

The Chilean quake generated tsunami tidal waves that have already hit some islands in the Pacific, and eight foot waves were expected to slam the Hawaiian Islands today, starting around 1:00pm PST.

I experienced the Loma Prieta earthquake back in 1989. It knocked down freeways and one section of the Bay Bridge, yet it was only a magnitude 6.9 lasting 15 seconds. I can’t imagine how terrifying a temblor nearly two orders of magnitude stronger and lasting four times as long would be – and I hope I never do.

I want you!
(Or your money)

Back at Dave’s Home, a couple of storms hit inside the house. The first was a storm of paperwork dredged up by the annual misery of income tax preparation. As in years past, I relied on Turbo Tax to guide me through this storm. So far this software has stood me in good stead with the IRS, knock on wood.

The second storm came in the form of illness. I couldn’t believe it myself, but little K fell sick yet again. He’s got strep throat, this time. Two more days of missed school for K, missed work for me, and piles of building blocks in the living room to keep him busy. Since November K has gotten sick an average of every 1.5 months. This time I took him to see the doctor right away, which turned out to be a good thing. He’s been on antibiotics ever since, and is feeling much better.

Let’s see, who haven’t I mentioned, yet? How about Cheesy the cat, who was caught red pawed trying to fish a fish out of the fish tank? Sorry, Cheesy, no fish for you!

Other news in brief: We finished Stuart Little and started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before bedtime. The court sent notice of a mid-March hearing to dissolve my guardianship of P. And H & K are finally over their pizza overload, choosing Mountain Mike’s (a pizza place) above all other restaurants for a Friday night dinner out. They went nearly two weeks without their favorite food!

Storms and all, we weathered the week well.
It could have been worse!  I shot this photo on
my way to work.  Talk about a bad commute!