Saturday, January 2, 2010

Water Cat

Mackenzie, one of our new kittens, is a water-loving cat! She’s attracted to running water. Whenever we’re using the sink she comes running, putting her paws into the water, drinking, and playing like she’s trying to catch invisible fish. Sometimes she even puts her head under the faucet! Aren’t cats supposed to hate getting wet?

Coincidentally I’ve been meaning to replace the kittens’ water dish with a drinking fountain. My last cat didn’t like to drink stale water. I’ve read that these fountains hold a lot more water than a regular dish and re-circulate it through filters to keep it fresh. Knowing Mac is such a water lover is yet another reason.

So, off we went to the pet store in search of a kitty water fountain. We came home with a DrinkWell fountain by Veterinary Ventures, Inc.  Little K and I put it together in just a few minutes, and so far it’s quietly producing a nice stream of water into its built-in dish. Hopefully Mac & Cheesy will drink from it and not just play in it!