Sunday, January 31, 2010

Batting Practice

After a yummy lunch of toasted cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup, I took the boys to the local batting cages to work on their swings. Twenty balls for $3.00, and they let us borrow a bat and helmets.  We went over where to stand, how to grip the bat, the ready position, and the swing. I know just enough to be dangerous!

For H & K the hardest part was remembering to get into the ready position with their elbows up, hands back and bat at about a 45 degree angle. Still, both of them got in some decent cuts, and connected quite a few times.

We’ll keep at it until team practices begin. I hope their practice and game schedules will be manageable!

Some time in the next week or two I'll have to invest in some more baseball clothes and equipment for the kids.  They are going to need cleats, socks, pants, and helmets.  Maybe bats, too.  Play It Again Sports, here I come!

As we went up to bed I spotted
Mac & Cheesy staring out into the dark.
The calm before the nightly kitten storm.