Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day. The morning started with the surprise of snow on the ground. Then, after a morning meeting at work, I rushed back to the East Bay to pick up K & H’s mom and take her to parent-teacher conferences at the kid’s school. When these were over, we picked up the kids, they visited with their mom for a while, and then we all went out for dinner. All too quickly it was time to drive their mom back to her program, which has very strict rules about how long she is allowed to be out.

This doesn’t sound like such a busy a day until you consider that it takes an hour to get from my home to the office, and about 45 minutes to get from my home to the program where K & H’s mom is living. Dave’s Home is about smack in the middle of these two places! I spent 3.5 hours just driving yesterday!

P.S.  I wish that I could tell you about the conferences, but this would be too personal. The only thing I'm comfortable saying is that both kids are well-behaved at school and making good academic progress.