Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Residents of Dave’s Home

There are two new furry residents living in Dave’s Home! They are four-month-old siblings named Maxi and Cheesy. Both are female orange tabbies, which we were told was unusual. Apparently most orange tabby cats are male.

We adopted these kittens from H.A.L.O., which stands for Homeless Animals’ Lifeline Organization. This is a volunteer, non-profit group that cares for homeless animals without using shelters, but rather using foster homes. How apropos for us to adopt from another foster home! If you’re interested in knowing more about H.A.L.O., click HERE to visit their web site.

Cheesy inside the box spring of my bed!

When we first brought them home, we kept Maxi and Cheesy in the master bedroom to settle down and get accustomed to the smells and sounds of their new home. Despite being sisters, Maxi and Cheesy seem to have very different personalities. Maxi is more outgoing, eagerly exploring her surroundings, while Cheesy is very shy. As soon as she was out of the cat carrier, Cheesy retreated under my bed. Unfortunately she found a hole in the batting on the underside of the box spring and climbed up inside it! I let her stay there for a while, hoping she would come out on her own, but after a few hours I decided to get her out and patch the hole. Under the bed is one thing – inside the bed is a no-no!

Maxi exploring the house -- too quick for the camera.

Here's Cheesy -- still underneath the bed.