Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Cousin Vinny

This morning the boys had basketball practice. This will probably be their last practice of this “season” because we won’t be able to go next weekend. Next weekend is the start of their winter break from school and we’re going to Yosemite!

After basketball practice we picked up H & K’s siblings and drove them out to visit with their mother. They were going to take family holiday photos and their mother was getting all gussied up with makeup when we arrived. Good thing I got haircuts for the kids yesterday.

After dropping off the kids, I spent an hour and a half in traffic trying to get home. It started raining pretty hard and a couple of cars met accidentally on the other side of the highway. Even though the accident wasn’t in my direction of traffic, all the rubberneckers jammed everything up good.

When I finally got home, I watched the movie “My Cousin Vinny” while wrapping gifts. Fred Gwynne, the actor who used to play Herman Munster in the TV sitcom “The Munsters,” plays a judge in a great supporting role to Joe Pesci. I never tire of watching this movie.