Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mr. Christmas

Every community has someone who goes “all out” decorating their home for the holidays. In the community surrounding Dave’s Home we have Mr. Christmas. He has been decorating his home extravagantly for as long as I can remember, adding a little something new every year.

Last night after therapy we drove by Mr. Christmas’ house to have a look. It was the first time H & K had seen it. They were wowed by all the lights and spinning things, and wondered what his house looked like inside since it had so much stuff outside!

Back at our house we only had time to add ropes of tinsel to the tree before it was once again time for bed. Tonight we probably won’t have any time at all to decorate the tree, as we’ve been invited to a holiday concert that H & K’s youngest sister is performing in. Fear not, oh Christmas Tree, we shall get to you on Friday!