Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lost Deliveries!

I’ve been waiting for the last of my online holiday gift orders to arrive, and found out today that two were supposedly left yesterday on my front door step. Unfortunately they were not there when we got home!

This sort of thing has happened a few times before over the years, and so I have had this note in the window right next to my front door for over a year now. Despite this note, which I think is pretty clear, two different delivery companies left my packages in plain sight on my front door step and, apparently, they were both stolen.

I have reported these lost deliveries to the appropriate companies.  I have also written a letter to Amazon, the online retailer that I bought these gifts from, promising to never again buy from them until they provide some assurance to me that they and the shipping companies they use can reliably deliver their products.

I've had enough, and I 'm not going to take this any more!