Saturday, November 28, 2009

Parental Visit

The cancellation of basketball practice turned out to be a good thing, for if it had gone as planned we wouldn’t have been home in time to hear the message about the kid’s parental visit. Karma strikes again!

The kid’s visit with their mother went well, and it gave me a chance to shop alone for a couple of hours. Shopping time alone is precious. It sure was windy on the trip out, though. I wonder, could this be the same wind storm that Tioga-George mentioned in his blog?

Dinner was a repeat of Thanksgiving, complete with pumpkin pie. The kids moaned about this at first, but once they dug in there was no denying the food tasted good, even re-warmed leftovers. Now we are watching California’s Governor in a movie called Jingle All the Way while waiting for the hot tub to heat up.

Tomorrow the kids and I will meet some of my friends in San Francisco to see an auto show!