Monday, November 23, 2009

Major Holidays

Biological parents usually get to have their children over for dinner on major holidays. This often means a relatively empty foster home on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. In the past I have worked around this by celebrating these holidays either one day early or one day late, when the kids are with me. My family doesn’t seem to mind this. Sometimes we even celebrate twice.

This Thanksgiving, however, the opposite will be true. Because of some issues that K & H’s mom must work through, she will not be able to celebrate the holiday with them. Instead I invited all of the siblings to Dave’s Home for dinner and then to spend the night. It will be a big sibling slumber party! There are ten on the current guest list.

After work today the kids and I began setting up for the big feast by rotating the dining room table and expanding it to its full length. I bought this table several years ago from a furniture store that was having a “going out of business” sale. The table has three leaves that can be inserted to provide space for 12 place settings. In the three years since I bought it I have never used this table in its expanded state. It was exciting to finally set it up.  Interestingly the store I bought it from never closed, but still advertises that they are going out of business.

Pretty swanky looking table, huh?