Thursday, November 12, 2009

The End of a Sick Day

Although I didn’t go to work, today was tougher than if I had. Try entertaining a sick six-year-old for 12 hours!

We played lots of games; Battleship, Connect Four, and Clue. K insisted on playing Clue even though it’s for kids 8 and older, and it's for three to six players but we only had two players!  We had to make up our own rules.  Then we tried to piece together a puzzle of the Golden Gate Bridge, and then we built these castles out of blocks. We all really like building things out of blocks. Maybe the kids will be architects when they grow up!

In between games, puzzles and blocks, I would sneak away to check my office e-mail and phone messages, and try to get a little work done. Little was the operative word!

By evening time little K’s fever had broken, so it was back to business as usual. We picked up the other two kids from day care and were off to another therapy session. Afterward we ate dinner at Marie Calendars. The kids had not eaten there before, but they all liked it and agreed we should go back. Here they are clowning around while waiting for dessert.