Sunday, November 8, 2009


Two of my past foster kids participated in winter CYO basketball leagues. K & H also wanted to play basketball, but K was too young for the CYO program. So instead I signed them both up for a YMCA basketball program that takes kids as young kindergartners. My third child, second grader A, did not want to play basketball.

The YMCA program started yesterday, and is considerably smaller than CYO. So far only six teams have formed, each with less than eight players. Plus it seems like these teams are only going to compete amongst themselves, not against YMCA teams from other areas.

K’s team practiced for an hour first while H watched, and then H’s team got their hour while K watched. A and I watched from the sidelines through both hours. In past leagues I've been a scorekeeper during real games.  Maybe I'll be able to help in this league, too.

Both kids had fun, but only three of H’s team showed up, so the coach and some older kids filled in.