Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ask Dave Question #3

The question for this week came from reader Carroll, who asks, “After seeing the vacations the boys took with you, and the video games in their hands in previous posts, are many of the boys reluctant to return to their biological parents after such a fantastic-loving lifestyle at your home?”

Terrific question, Carroll, and my answer is: The bond between parent and child is exceptionally strong. Even things like past mistreatment by parents, or nice material things in a foster home (big house, video games, etc.) doesn't seem to wear away this bond. The kids always want to return home to their biological family. However, many times after returning home a child wants to come over and visit me on weekends, or go on vacation trips with me. Maybe they do this because of the nice things they experienced in my home.

My biggest wish is that the time the kids spent with me somehow helps them have a better life after they leave.