Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vacations with Kids

I have been told that this is unusual, but I take my foster kids on all my vacations. As a matter of fact, I look forward to it. To me a vacation without kids is boring. Now, to be honest, I’m sure that the day will come when I won’t feel this way, but for now...

This is the beginning of a topic thread about the vacations I’ve taken with my foster kids. As I post more and more to this thread, you can read them by selecting “Vacations with Kids” from Dave's Topic Thread list towards the top of the column on the right.

My last vacation was to Huntington Beach in southern California. We stayed at a nice hotel right across the street from the beach. And unlike the other beaches I’ve visited lately, this one allowed open camp fires! We spent one day entirely on the beach, from morning ‘til night. We hiked down to the municipal pier, rented a four person quad-cycle, and cooked our own dinner over a camp fire. It was one of the best vacation days I can remember having.

Being in L.A., we spent another whole day at Disneyland!

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