Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kid Questions

I am starting a new topic thread called “Kid Questions”. The kids often ask me amusing and very thoughtful questions, some of which are not that easy for me to answer. For more technical questions I usually look the answer up on the web. (What did we ever do without Google and Wikipedia?) But from now on when this happens I will write a post about their question in the hope that readers will try to answer it. In this way maybe I'll be able to get the kids a little involved in some of the posts, too.

This first question came up about a week ago after the kids and I watched most of the movie “Titanic”. (I skipped over a few kid-unfriendly parts.) Anyway, H asked me if the ship would have sunk if it had hit the iceberg head-on instead of scraping it along the side. This blew me away! This from a kid who doesn’t yet know his times tables!

I am purposely avoiding looking this up on the web to see what the readers of Dave’s Home have to say about this surprisingly insightful question.