Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Prep & RV Ogling

Today A had a visit with his mother and step father. Meanwhile, H, K and I brought down all the boxes of Halloween stuff from the garage and started decorating. Now there’s a small graveyard in our front yard and orange lights throughout the house.

In the afternoon we took a break and wandered through a nearby RV show. There must have been 50 different campers of all different sizes – some had price tags of more than $100K! I pointed out to the kids a camper that was very similar to Ms. Tioga of the Tioga George team, only a bit newer and without solar panels or an internet satellite antenna.

Just before bed I snapped this picture of K below some of our orange glowing lights. It’s a dark photo, but see the cabinet behind K and the sofa? My father and I built that cabinet back in 2005. Click HERE to read about it in his blog.