Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evening Rounds

Today, after picking up the kids from their after school program, it was off to therapy again – this time for a different kid. Therapy is a big part of foster life. It starts with referrals from the social workers, then there is the scheduling, and filling out paperwork, then re-scheduling, then defining goals and objectives, and then re-re-scheduling, and of course transportation there and back, and there and back, and there and back… you get the picture. Oh, and don’t forget the challenge of trying to find ways of entertaining (or containing) the other kids while the one kid is in therapy week after week!

After therapy it is dinner time, and tonight we went to Home Town Buffet. The kids love this place. They get to pick what they want and go back again and again. Sometimes they give out helium balloons, which to the kids is even better than eating! I like the prices, especially when they have their “kids eat for one low price” deal. Then I can feed the four of us for about $20!