Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back from the Carnival

The school carnival was fun! I volunteered to run the cake walk for the first hour. The cakes were huge so I figured the kids should do more than just walk for them. I had them skip, hop, clap, switch directions, and walk backwards!

When my stint at the cake walk was over, the kids and I checked out all the other booths. Now I am worn out!

Pie eating contest with gummy
worm and whipped cream pies.

Tonight I’m going to try to help my neighbor fix his kid’s trombone. He says one of the brass tubes is broken and needs to be soldered back in place. My dad, Tioga George, left me a propane torch, and my neighbor bought some solder and flux at the hardware store. I’ve never done this kind of repair before, but it’s fun to try.